Mullard GZ34 (fat base)
Mullard GZ34 (f32-code)

Philips GZ34 (L-code)
Philips GZ34 Metal Base
Mullard EZ35
Telefunken RGN 2004
Triotron GZ34 (x-code)
Telefunken EZ150


MWT (Marconi Wireless Telegraphy Co.) U54/GZ37
Good stock of this IS1/B-coded Mullard/Blackburn made U54/GZ37
full-wave rectifier tube. Tubes have bottom D-shaped rectangular getter, grey plates and light brown base. In stock tubes made in 1959, 1960 and 1962.


Mullard U54/GZ37
Small stock of this Mullard, IS1 and B-coded
U54/GZ37 rectifier. Grey plates, brown base with bottom O-getter.
Picture show tubes in stock, all made in 1962


Mullard U54/GZ37/CV378
Small stock IS1/B-coded Mullard
GZ37 from the late fifties, brown base and bottom rectangular
D-shaped getter. Factory codes indicate tubes made in september
and oktober 1959. KB/DA at the back of the tubes says december
1959 and january 1960. Small stock

Brimar CV729/GZ32/5V4G
Beatifully, gray plated, english made GZ32 rectifier tubes from the fifties, with bottom rectangular getter. 3 pieces in swedish military boxes and one in original box. Only 4 in stock so grab them if you want a really good rectifier tube for you original Quad II amps.


Brimar GZ30/5Z4G
These Brimar (acronym for BRItish Made American Range ) full wave rectifier is like the GZ34/5AR4 indirectly heated. RMS input per anode is max. 350 V. with a rectified current of max 125 ma. Bottom D-shaped solid getter and black anodes. Different looking anode structure with eight holes on each anode. Manufactured in the early fifties. 10 in stock of this wellbuilt and good sounding rectifier.


Ferranti 5U4G / CV575

Brimar 5U4G / CV575 SOLD OUT

National Union 5U4G / VT-244 SOLD OUT

Philips AZ4

Telefunken RGN 1404

Mullard GZ30

Brown base, D-getter.

M.W.T CV493/EZ90

Philips CV1377/GZ34

Philips GZ34

Philips EZ80

Philips EZ90

Philips 1561

Telefunken GZ34

Telefunken EZ81

Tesla AZ1