Preamp pentodes


Telefunken VF14



MWT Z729

Tube shown is an M.W.T (Marconi Wireless Telegraphy Co.) labelled Z729 made by Mullard and has datecode 9r1/B9F, made in Blackburn, june 1959.

Square getter and large mesh shield. The other two in boxes are coded 9r2/B2B4, made in Blackburn feb. 1962. Round getter and short mesh shield. 3 in stock.


GEC Z729/EF86
Tube shown has datecode MA (jan. 1956). Good stock of this most musical sounding EF86 tube
ever produced. Warm sound with good texture and detail. With square getter and fine textured mesh shield.
Available in matched pairs.
Also in stock are two GEC Z729 labelled Osram, one from dec. 1953, the other from march 1955.


Mullard Z729/EF86
These two Mullard Z729 tubes are coded 9r2/B2F2,
made in Blackburn june 1962. Round getter and short mesh
shield. 2 in stock.


Western Electric 5847/404A
Western Electric 5847/404A. Square getter, black plates in original boxes. Manufactured in january 1953. Available in matched pairs.


Telefunken E280F

Siemens C3g
German post tube, special quality, 10000 hour tube. Excellent preamp and headphoneamplifier tube when triod connected. Perfect tube in a headphoneamplifier for Sennheiser HD 600/ HD 650.
• Amplification factor 40 triode connected.
• Very low noise and low microphonics.
• Very high build quality.

Siemens C3m
German post tube, special quality, 10000 hour tube. Triode connected maybe the best driver tube for 300B with enough swing capability to drive the 300B. Widely used in telecommunication equipment during the 50īs. Excellent sound from this german quality tube.

Telefunken EF86

Telefunken EF804S

Philips E80F

Mullard E80F