Telefunken ECC83
Smooth plates or ribbed plates, diamond marked Telefunkens in original or white boxes. These very much sought after tube has outstanding sonics, are quality built and will last almost forever.. Ulm or Berlin factory.

Telefunken ECC803S

Siemens (TFK) ECC83

Siemens ECC83

Mullard CV4004/M8137/E83CC


M.W.T B339/ECC83

Brimar CV4004/E83CC

     New Old Stock Brimar CV4004 from the early sixties in original red/black/orange boxes.

  • Low microphonics
  • Smooth midrange, sweet as Telefunken
  • Box plates
  • Classic British sounding valve (tube) refined and well balanced
  • Brimar factory code 3L1 / 3977
  • Available in matched pairs


This is early 1960īs short gray plates RCA 7025 tubes in original RCA old styled boxes. Considered as the best 7025 tube ever made and itīs a must in vintage guitar amps.

  • Very dynamic with low noise and low microphonics
  • Dynamic with a tight bottom and clear, varm top-end
  • Hard to find in mint condition so grab it while you can

Only small stock, less then ten.


Sylvania 12AX7A/ECC83/7025

Early 1960īs gray plates tube with large O halo and copper grid posts, yellow printing, in original boxes.

The 7025 designation indicates low noise and hum.

More than 10 pieces in stock.

Telefunken, Valvo, Siemens ECC808

This special quality, low noise dual triod (ECC83 with different pinout and 6,3 v filament) was widely used in many models of German made, high quality amplifiers, like Klemt Echolette, Sennheiser, Klein & Hummel, Saba Telewatt, Dual, and others.

Good stock of this special quality tube.

Siemens, Sylvania, RCA, GE 5751

We have a good stock of 5751 tubes. Tubes with black or grey plates, with double or triple mica, from mid fifties to early seventies.

Excellent 12AX7/ECC83 replacement in line stage or input of output amplifier when a small amout of gain reduction is wanted.

(5751 has an amplification factor of 70 compared to an amplification factor of 100 for 12AX7/ECC83)

Brimar 6057
Brimar (BRIttish Made American Range) CV4004/E83CC. Perfect tube in phono sections with low noise an microphonics. Very balanced tube from top to bottom. Available in matched pairs or quads.

Tungsram ECC83

Philips ECC83

Siemens E83CC
New old stock in original boxes. Siemens low noise, triple mica, E83CC/12AX7WA. Sonically in the same league as Telefunken ECC803S but at a lower price. 2 in stock.

Mullard ECC83
17 mm long grey plates. New Old Stock in original or white boxes. Excellent tube.