Siemens E82CC

Tungsram ECC82
Sylvania GB-5814A
Telefunken ECC802S

Mullard ECC186

Philips ECC186

Siemens E82CC

Telefunken ECC82
These are smooth plates with 17 mm long grey plates from the Telefunken Berlin factory. Factory codes are B6106326 and B1101227.  The first code meaning that the tube is manufactured on the 16:th of october in 1966, version 26 and the second code means 11:th of october 1971, version 27. The Telefunken brand needs no further presentation.

RCA 5814A
Black plates, square getter, triple mica. Same date code on theese tubes, 6 26. Matched pair.

General Electric 5814A
Grey plates, GE 5 stars, square getter, extra mica support. Date code 57 -22