Brimar CV4024/E81CC

Brimar (acronym for BRItish Made American Range)

  • Mil. spec. CV4024.
  • Factory code 1L1/3980, december 1961
  • The CV code says june 1962
  • Made in Rochester at Thorn-AEI (Brimar) factory
  • Black square plates
  • Large O getter halo
  • Copper grid posts
  • Sweet sounding, great midrange.
  • Classic British sounding valve (tube)
  • Available in matched pairs


STC/Mullard M8162/12AT7WA/CV4024

These three Mullard M8162 tubes are marketed
under the STC (Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd.) label.
Very, very rare, made at the Whyteleafe factory.
The CV code says may 1962 as manufacturing date. The structure of the glass reminds of tubes made in the early fifties.
This tube is a collectors item, rarely seen in mint condition.
Only three in stock.

Mullard E81CC

New Old Stock Mullard E81CC made by Valvo, Hamburg.     

  • Df6 code made in 1966
  • Solid round disc getter halo
  • Gold pins
  • Good tonal balance and very good bass
  • A 10 000 hour long life special quality tube
  • Available in matched pairs

Brimar CV4024/E81CC

New Old Stock Brimar CV4024 from the early sixties in original red/black/orange boxes.

  • Black square plates
  • Large O getter halo
  • Copper grid post
  • Classic British sounding valve, sweet sounding, great midrange
  • Brimar factory code 3B2/3980, february 1962
  • Available in matched pairs

Philips E81CC/6201

Very, very rare Valvo, Hamburg made 6201 for Philips. This Valvo made E81CC is the highest grade ECC81/12AT7 and in the same leauge as Telefunken ECC801S.

  • D code made in 1961
  • Slightly pinched waist
  • Single O disc getter support
  • Very musical, good bass and high end extension
  • Available in matched pairs


Siemens E81CC

New Old Stock Siemens and Halske E81CC early 60:s production in blue/yellow boxes.

  • Triple mica
  • Double getter support
  • Available in matched pairs
  • Plate with 1 side hole
  • Very rare
  • One of the most desirable ECC81 tubes


Telefunken ECC801S

New Old Stock in original and white boxes. Telefunken has legendary status as a good sounding ECC81/12AT7 tube and is often used as a sound reference in adjusting HiFi systems.

  • Transparent and open with very good speed and high end extension,
  • Accurate bass
  • Extremely low noise
  • Very neutral, accurate, balanced and un-coloured sound.
  • Telefunken is known for stable quality and long life, exceeding 10000 hours.

More than 10 tubes in stock.